Blockchain development shouldn't be so hard.

We're creating a suite of tools to make Ethereum development simple. Starting with a C# compiler for smart contracts.

The Plan

Blockchain development requires a ton of learning to get started. New languages, new development environments, minimal documentation. We believe it should be easier than that.

Write Ethereum smart contracts in C#

Rather than learning a new language and a new syntax, use an established language with a huge backing. We are writing a compiler so developers can write code in C# which will compile to Ethereum Virtual Machine bytecode. We plan to establish C# as the language for cross-platform and cross-chain development.


Debug, test and deploy in Visual Studio

EthSharp will create a suite of tools integrated into Visual Studio. Use the world's best integrated development environment to create decentralised applications. We will make developing for the blockchain as easy as developing for the web.


Compatibility with existing C# Libraries

Existing Ethereum development languages require the redevelopment of most basic functions and libraries. We will integrate backwards compatibility so that you can immediately use existing C# libraries.

The Team

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Jordan Andrews
Founder | Lead Developer

Jordan has long seen himself as the bridge between super geeks and the real world. He's sold businesses, made waves in the open-source C# community, won hackathons, and now he wants to bring blockchain development to the world.

Contact Us

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